Empowering Millennials in the Workplace | Grant Skeldon

July 17th, 2017

There appears to be a chasm between Millennials and other generations. Most resources on Millennials highlight how Millennials are different. These resources tend to focus on what Millennials are doing, without explaining why.

While the manner in which Millennials engage in church, work, and culture may be innovative or perhaps unorthodox, the motivation behind their activity is not. In fact, the chasm that exists between the church and young adults is often the same as the chasm that we know exists between business leaders and the church.

In his presentation at the Faith@Work Summit in Dallas, Grant Skelton offers a clear explanation for how Millennials can not only be reached, but how they can be engaged and empowered to live out their faith at work.


Hiring and Empowering Millennials in the Workplace | Grant Skeldon from CenterFaithWork on Vimeo.

1. Consider your professional journey. Who gave you responsibilities before you were ready, just because they believed in you?
2. How could your organization better take a coaching role toward millennial employees?
3. If you could apologize to young adults on behalf of your generation, what would you apologize for?

Grant Skeldon is the founder of INITIATIVE, a missional Millennial network. In response to Millennials being labeled non-commital, critical, entitled, slacktivists, INITIATIVE’s mission is to shift culture by making Millennials Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making, local missionaries.

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