Employee Engagement Begins in College

June 20th, 2014

Heer they come. 2019 graduates are walking the stage to receive their diplomas and joining the workforce. But are they ready? Will they succeed? 

The fact that 70% of the American workforce is disengaged from their work is disconcerting on a number of levels. A Gallup study of over 30,000 college graduates found a profound link to long-time success in work engagement and life well-being that begins at the university. Two key findings:

College graduates who felt supported during college (professors cared, professors made them excited about learning, and they had a mentor) doubled their odds of being engaged at work. They were also three times as likely to be thriving in all areas of well-being as those who didn't feel supported.

College graduates who engaged in experiential and deep learning (worked on a long-term project, had an internship, and were extremely active in extracurricular activities and organizations) during their college experience doubled their odds of being engaged at work. They also were slightly more likely to be thriving in all areas of well-being than were students who did not have these experiences.

"Higher Education's Six Sigma" in Gallup Business Journal explains crucial elements of the college experience that impact employee engagement well after graduation. The article offers steps that students, parents, faculty and colleges can take to help ensure students have these kind of experience during their college education.

The LeTourneau Advantage

While many colleges have a long way to go to provide these experiences, according to Gallup, LeTourneau University grads would enter the workforce with a strong leg up because every professor is committed not only providing hands-on educational experiences, but also to building personal, supportive relationships and helping students see their life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

But the university’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The Center for Faith & Work helps Christians around the world see their work as a holy calling. Our live workshops and online library can equip you to live out your faith every day, wherever you work and whatever your educational experience was like.