Discover Your Destiny for the Workplace

August 22nd, 2013

God designed you for a purpose...Something He knew you’d love to do!

You’ve been following a path throughout your life. Sometimes you’ve chosen the path; other times it’s been chosen for you. Some activities have worn you out; some have energized you. In the brightest, most memorable points in your life, two paths came together: the path you were on, and the path God designed you for. At those moments, your core strengths were engaged. You were using the gifts God gave you.

By mining these memorable points in your life using a process proven through 50 years of use, in cooperation with The Giftedness Center, we can create a professional design profile that will identify:

  • The specific abilities God designed you to use
  • The kinds of people and type of relationship God designed you to work well with
  • The kind of things God designed you to love to work with
  • The particular circumstances that bring out the best God put in you
  • The particular work God designed you to do
  • The work you love to do