Discover Your Destiny for Churches

February 22nd, 2013

The story of a person's life is part of an epic, cosmic story, orchestrated by God who has designed them, inside and out, to play a critical role. But what is it? Why is he here? What is the unique contribution God created her to make? How can he make your life count? How can she know?

Discover Your Destiny is a unique opportunity offered to churches by the Center for Faith & Work and the Giftedness Center to benefit from one of the most powerful gift assessment processes available. Based on a biblical understanding of giftedness, participants will have the opportunity to come to a profound understanding of the work God designed them to do. At the executive level, this assessment costs over $2,500. At a group level it is available for a fraction of that cost.

By gaining a much clearer picture of his or her own God-given giftedness, participants will be able to see the role God has for them to play and make informed career choices, partnering with Him in the epic story of creation, redemption and restoration.

Through Discover Your Destiny, participants will create a design profile of their giftedness which they will be able to use for the rest of their lives …

  • To make career choices that honor God’s purpose for their lives
  • To find and do their best work
  • To chart new directions when it’s time for a change
  • To find the joy and satisfaction in using the gifts God gave them to do the things God created them to do
  • Respond to life rather than react to it

The Benefits of a church-based Discover Your Destiny program for your congregation.

  • Discover Your Design is a high-impact course that benefits a broad spectrum of a church's congregation—young adults through seniors—and can be launched cost effectively.
  • Members know and can articulate their calling. They also have a heightened sense of purpose, Christ-awareness, and desire to grow in their faith.
  • It allows churches to increase ministry capacity without increasing their budget by employing a host of new volunteers in ministries God called and gifted them to pursue.
  • It gives church leaders an effective way to place people in positions where they will be most productive and enthusiastic.
  • A church's influence in the community increases as members take their place in God's plan to influence the people, businesses, and organizations with which they interact during the week.
  • A church that offers Discover Your Destiny will develop a reputation in the community as a place that helps people discover and pursue their calling.
  • Loyalty and member-retention rates grow as people feel valued and equipped by the church.
  • Members tell stories of their life-changing Discover Your Destiny experience to friends, co-workers, and neighbors, and have a natural way to invite them to church, enhancing the potential for church growth.
  • A sense of Christian community and connection within the church grows as people learn to honor and appreciate each other's giftedness. 
  • Families are strengthened as husbands and wives learn how God designed each other and how their different gifts and abilities work together to make them a powerful team and more fulfilled individuals.

The Process

The Discover Your Destiny process compiles the unique pieces of your God-given design into a Personal Profile so that you can gain the best possible information about yourself in 5 key areas:

  • The abilities you use to accomplish things that matter to you
  • The subject matter you most naturally work on, with, or through
  • The circumstances under which you thrive
  • The relationships you prefer to have with others
  • The central thrust or "payoff" that drives your behavior