Discover Your Destiny for the Campus

January 20th, 2013

Our simple goal: that students at LeTourneau University graduate with significant understanding of their giftedness and calling.

The story of your life is part of an epic, cosmic story, orchestrated by God who has designed you to play a critical role. But what is that role? Why are you here? What is the unique contribution God created you to make? How can you make your life count?

Discover Your Design is a unique learning opportunity offered to LeTourneau University students by the Center for Faith & Work. Based on a biblical understanding of giftedness and powerful gift-assessment process, students come away with a profound and practical understanding of the work God designed them to do. At the executive level, the fee for this assessment is $2,500, but we are able to offer it to students at a fraction of this cost.

By gaining a clearer picture of your unique God-given giftedness, you will able to discern the role God wants you to play and make informed career decisions.

In Discover Your Destiny​, you will create a design profile of your giftedness to use for the rest of your life …

  • To make career choices that honor God’s purpose for your life
  • To find and do your best work
  • To chart new paths when it’s time for a change
  • To find the joy and satisfaction in using the gifts God gave you to do the things God created you to do
  • To better understand the people with whom you work and live
  • Respond to life, rather than react to it