Discover God's Purpose for Your Life

January 22nd, 2014

Would you like to better understand how God designed you and discover your unique calling?

The Center for Faith & Work is pleased to offer a unique process that equips and empowers Christians to discover their role in God's plan, and transform where they live and work for His glory.

This process identifies your God-given giftedness through Motivated Abilities Patterning, a guided process based on SIMA technology (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities). The process is keenly effective in pinpointing the key elements of a person's distinctive design using objective biographical data rather than subjective, psycometric data derived from self-administered testing. The Center for Faith & Work makes this assessment available to individuals in the workplace, to students, and to churches.

The Benefits

Discover Your Destiny will help you:

  • Take a fresh look at God's purpose and plan for your life
  • Define the dreams and potential He has given you
  • Gain clarity about a fulfilling career path
  • Sharpen your skills for balancing time, resources and relationships
  • Learn strategies for overcoming obstacles, rising above discouragement and turning dreams into reality
  • Identify and screen opportunities that come your way
  • Understand your spouse's giftedness and motivated abilities, and how these affect the dynamics of your relationship
  • Get a game plan for the second half of life

The Process

The process compiles the unique pieces of your God-given design into a Personal Profile so that you can gain the best possible information about yourself in 5 key areas:

  • The abilities you use to accomplish things that matter to you
  • The subject matter you most naturally work on, with, or through
  • The circumstances under which you thrive
  • The relationships you prefer to have with others
  • The central thrust or "payoff" that drives your behavior
Channel(s): Calling and Career