City Church of Richmond | Church Profile

February 18th, 2013
  • History: Founded in 2008 and called the first pastor
  • Denomination: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
  • Pastor: Erik Bonkovsky
  • Location: 1117 W. Franklin Street Richmond, VA
  • Website:
  • Attendance: around 200 adults

Overview: From its founding, City Church has been committed to breaking down spiritual hierarchies that cause people to see one vocation as more important or spiritual than others. Everyone is encouraged to see all of life under the Lordship of Christ, including work. Consistent conversation about work formally from the pulpit, as well as informally, is calculated to show the goodness of work in and of itself, and that work matters to God.The pastors and leaders see themselves as translators of solid biblical theology into the language of the daily life of the congregation. This translation takes place a number of ways.

Formal Teaching Opportunities

Sermons at City Church are exegetical in style rather than topical, so the topic of work comes up naturally from the context of biblical passages, rather than as a targeted subject. However, workplace illustrations and antidotes are part of the weekly fare as pastors apply biblical truth to daily life reminding the congregation of the Lordship of Christ over all of life.

Worship and Celebration

As a regular part of Sunday worship, City Church includes "Everyday Doxologists" where people are interviewed about how their work connects to God's work on Sunday mornings. The interview is closed with a prayer for the person's work and then the congregation sings the doxology.

Outside Church Walls

On a monthly basis, church staff holds Faith in Work lunches at various workplaces throughout the city of Richmond where members of the congregation work. Scripture is read and discussed in terms of how it informs their work. While there is plenty of biblical insight into how work is to be done, particular emphasis is given to the content of the work itself and how that particular work contributes, in and of itself, to God's kingdom.

City Church also participates with other churches and workplace ministry organizations on city-wide events like Common Good RVA designed to help Christians see how their work matters to God and see their vocations as a way to advance the common good of Richmond.

CommonGood RVA from This Is Our City on Vimeo.