Celebrate Work with Free Resources

July 24th, 2012

Do people in your church know who they are on Monday?

On Sunday they are ushers, choir members and Sunday school teachers. On Monday they are plumbers, doctors and accountants.

Unfortunately, working Christians often feel like they live dual lives—one at work and one at church. The church can help people bridge this gap between faith and work. When polled, 93 percent of pastors say helping people integrate faith and work is very important. But less than half of churchgoing, employed Christians “strongly agree” that their church helps them live out faith at work.

The High Calling and the Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University have partnered to provide a host of resources to help pastors and teachers connect Sunday worship with Monday work. This content was originally designed for Labor Day Sunday, but it is perfect for any Sunday—because Monday always follows.

You could simply lead a prayer during church that celebrates work or use all of the free resources to assemble a special commissioning service for Christians in the workplace.

Get Free Resources: 

God Cares about what happens on Monday.