Is Business Your True Calling?

January 16th, 2020

In June of 2019, hundreds of Christian leaders from churches and businesses around the world gathered to discuss the place of work and business in God's kingdom agenda to spread the gospel. Here's an excerpt from a paper presented at the conference that explores the calling to business. Scroll down to watch Jo Plummer (Lausanne Catalyst for Business as Mission) and Mats Tunehag (Chairman of BAM Global) talk about the transformative power of business. 

Dallas Willard once said that, "Business is a primary moving force of the love of God in human history." Business, done well, is glorifying to God and has enormous potential to do good. Business has an innate God-given power to create dignified jobs, to multiply resources, to provide for families and communities and to push forward innovation and development in human society.

In the global marketplace today, we have an enormous opportunity to leverage this God-given potential of business to address some of the world’s most pressing spiritual, social, environmental, and economic issues. This is ‘business as mission’—a movement of business professionals using the gifts of entrepreneurship and good management to bring creative and long-term, sustainable solutions to global challenges. This movement of business people is growing worldwide; they are serving God in the marketplace and intentionally shaping their businesses for God’s glory, the gospel, and the common good. Business professionals are using their skills to serve people, make a profit, be good stewards of the planet, and align with God’s purposes; they are taking the whole gospel to the ends of the earth.

If you work in business, study business, teach business, speak or preach to people in business, you need to read this important paper on the Lausanne Movement website.

Also below, listen to Plummer and Tunehag speak at the Global Workplace Forum describing how business brings about innovation and wealth resources, creates jobs that transform lives, tackles injustice, and fosters genuine and influential relationships in communities.