Business Declares the Glory of God

November 15th, 2012

"Walter Crutchfield had his first conversion moment at age 18, when he accepted Christ as Lord. That year, the self-professed "serial entrepreneur" started his own auto production company, but sold it a year later to attend Bible college. "When I came to Christ, I still had the joy of business," says the Phoenix native. "But the world around me . . . told me that if you were serious about faith, you'd get involved in ministry." And so he did, becoming a full-time pastor. But his second conversion--to the goodness of work outside the church--unfolded over years of facing the fact that he was really good at turning profits in the world of business, specifically real estate.

In this short film, featuring This Is Our City's first helicopter mission, Crutchfield takes us through the real-estate crisis that led him to use his remarkable business savvy to bless and beautify his community." From Christianity Today's "This is Our City"