Building Relational Equity for Spiritual Impact at Work

via Bill Peel
March 22nd, 2013

Based on the best-selling book, Workplace Grace, the principles you'll learn in this workshop have equipped thousands of Christians around the world to be spiritually influential at work.

 The workshop will . . .

  • give you simple skills to talk about your faith in a way that attracts (not repels)
  • energize you to share your faith naturally -- where you live and work
  • invigorate your spiritual life as you discover the key role you play in God's Kingdom purposes
  • offer strategies for building trust with skeptical coworkers and colleagues
  • free you from guilt over not being able to share your faith like a "gifted evangelist" as you learn how to be a witness according to how God designed you

Contact the Center for Faith and Work to schedule a workshop for your church or organization