Bridgeway Capital Management

November 20th, 2012

What does the high-stress world of finance have to do with the Kingdom of God? You’ll see when you watch this video about Bridgeway Capital Management, a Houston-based investment management firm with $2.0 billion in assets under management.

When John Montgomery formed Bridgeway in 1993, he set parameters that foster an empowered organization that stresses process and results over titles and status. One such parameter is that no partner (all staff members are called “partners”) will make more than seven times the total compensation of the lowest paid partner. Another, 50 percent of company profits are given to charitable and non-profit organizations.

In 2009 Bridgeway was named by Entrepreneur Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute as the #4 Best Small/Medium Workplace in the U.S.

Download this video for free on Vimeo here.

Discussion Questions:

  • Bridgeway has a unique corporate culture. Why would someone want to work there and do excellent work when salaries are capped?  Why do you think this has not affected the quality of person they attract to work there?
  • How has salary structure contributed to the corporate culture?
  • What other practices at Bridgeway influenced corporate culture?
  • While the Bridgeway management team maintains strong biblical values, not everyone on the team is a Christian. What challenges does this create? What advantages does it offer?
  • Mike Mulcahy says, “Companies don’t go to heaven. People do.” Companies can create an atmosphere that makes it easier or harder for someone to respond to the gospel? Do you think Bridgeway’s culture helps or hinders? Why?
  • What is one take-away you can apply from Bridgeway’s story?


John Motgomery speaks to Business Students at Notre Dame