2016 Faith@Work Summit Videos

via Bill Peel
June 19th, 2017

More than 400 leaders from business, the church, academia and workplace ministries, from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., China, India, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and Croatia, gathered for the 2016 Faith@Work Summit--and were joined by 100 online. 

All 26 videos of plenary presentations at the 2016 Faith & Work Summit (15-minute TED-type talks) are available at the Center's Vimeo site.

Here are a few of the videos available:

  • John Beckett, Chairman of the Beckett Companies talks about being called to business
  • Amy Sherman, Senior Fellow of the Sagamore Institute talks about vocational faithfulness
  • Kent Johnson, Senior Counsel, Texas Instruments describes how God is at work in multinational corporations
  • Doug Napier, Senior Counsel, ADF, gives legal guidance for Christians in the workplace
  • Grant Skelton, Founder of Initiative, talks about hiring and empowering Millennials
  • Sharon Watkins, Former Enron Vice President and whistleblower describes the life-altering results of talking faith to work
  • Ed Moy, 38th Director of the U.S. Mint , talks about the unique opportunities and challenges of men and women working in public service

Learn how God is blessing the work of individuals and organizations as they bring God's kingdom influence into companies, communities and cities around the world. Outstanding plenary presentations and industry sector breakouts covered compelling topics, such as how to ...

  • Navigate changing cultural norms
  • Model and mentor others in whole-life discipleship​
  • Understand how your Christian identity shapes how you serve in the workplace
  • Foster reconciliation in the workplace
  • Understand and empower Millennials
  • ​Deal with male/female challenges at work
  • Engage in the spiritual life of employees
  • Let Christ redeem our workplace failures
  • Practice grace-centered leadership
  • Make the gospel attractive to co-workers, and much more.

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