Workplace Grace

July 1st, 2014

You can take your faith to work in appropriate, engaging ways. Workplace Grace offers a simple, non-threatening approach to evangelism. Whether your work takes you to a construction site, a cramped cubicle or the corner office, every Christian plays a significant role in the Great Commission. Between Sundays, you can be a pipeline for God's grace in the most strategic mission field in the world: your workplace. Workplace Grace is for Christians who are not gifted evangelists, yet they want to make a spiritual difference at work and see their coworkers and friends come to faith in Jesus Christ. 

Winner of Christianity Today and Silver Medallion book awardsWorkplace Grace describes how evangelism is a process and helps readers understand how they can move people toward new life in Christ. ​

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Lausanne Global Workplace Forum Participants may download a free eBook copy until July 15, 2019. 

Read four radical ideas behind this book and video curriculum.

Host a Workplace Grace Workshop at your church, campus or workplace.

What Readers Say about Workplace Grace

“The authors lay down foundational principles concerning evangelism in a fresh, up-to-date way and give practical steps toward effectively carrying out this commission in the workplace. I would recommend this book to anyone who - like me -struggles with how to appropriately and effectively take Jesus to work, and who - like me - has often felt guilt associated with the misunderstanding that “secular work” is somehow inherently less noble than “full-time ministry.”

“If you have a low view of the work environment whereby you place little value or significance on the workplace and the Christians who work there, then you need to grab a copy of Bill Peel's and Walt Larimore's book. This is the first book on evangelism, which I have read, that focuses specifically on Christians in the workplace. My senses tell me this book contains the stuff that classics are made of.”

“ . . .  a tremendous relief for believers who think they need to engage in a "gospel sharing" conversation in order to be an effective witness. This is an incredible call to seamless Christian living at home and work—living that is genuine, deliberate, and committed to demonstrating our faith over the long haul of relationship building.”

You can order on Amazon.