Take Your Pastor to Work--and Lunch

May 29th, 2018

Did you know that most pastors would like to visit their member’s workplaces? According to our research, 98% would visit if invited.

You can be a big help to your pastors by taking them to work—and to lunch. Ninety-three percent of pastors believe it’s important to help people integrate faith and work, but two of every three question their understanding of the kinds of workplace issues you face on a daily basis.

It’s no wonder! The IRS lists more than 650 different job titles in America from 3D animators to Zoologists. Can we really expect pastors to keep up with so many job situations? They need you to share your story over lunch!

But first, invite your pastor to tour your workplace and share how your church is inspiring you to serve God there, then… celebrate God's goodness over a good meal. It’s a simple solution that will help your pastor see the impact the church is having beyond the four walls.

We’ve created some great resources for you including a sample invitation to send your pastor, conversation starters, and information about a great book to give to your pastor, Work Matters

After lunch, let us know how it went and if we can help in any way. 

Here are links to a host of Free Resources to help churches develop seven-day-a-week, whole-life disciples: