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Bill Peel is the Founding Executive Director of The Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University created to help Christians understand their work’s importance to God and experience Christ’s transforming presence and power in every workplace in every nation. His passion is to help people close the gap between Sunday faith and Monday work. For 30 years, he has coached thousands of men and women to understand their calling and grasp their work’s importance to God.

Bill is an award-winning author/co-author of seven books (in multiple languages) including Workplace Grace, What God Does When Men Lead, and Discover Your Destiny. With his friend Dr. Walt Larimore, Bill co-wrote the continuing medical education course, Grace Prescriptions, and has taught healthcare professionals worldwide to effectively speak about faith issues with their patients. The next geneation of this highly acclaimed course, now Grace Prescriptions, is being released in 2014.

Bill holds degrees from Southern Methodist University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Bill and his wife, Kathy, have three grown sons and live in Dallas, Texas.

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Bill's Speaking Schedule:

August 28 – 29 ​Grace Prescriptions Conference, Asbury

September 25 – 26 Grace Prescriptions Conference, Los Angeles

October 23 – 24 Grace Prescriptions Conference, Raleigh/Durham

November 13 – 14 Grace Prescriptions Conference, Indianapolis