Host a Workplace Grace Workshop

March 22nd, 2013

Inspire your congregation to take their faith to work. In this workshop thousands of individuals around the world have learned to take their place in God's Kingdom and become a person of spiritual influence in their workplace.
A 6-hour Workplace Grace workshop will . . .

  • give participants simple skills to talk about their faith in a way that attracts (not repels) people
  • energize your congregation to share their faith naturally -- where they live and work
  • invigorate participants’ spiritual lives as they discover the key role they play in God's Kingdom
  • create inroads for your church's influence into the most dominant area of life -- the workplace
  • offer strategies for building trust with skeptical coworkers and colleagues
  • free people from guilt over not being able to share their faith like a "gifted evangelist" as they learn how to be a witness according to how God designed them

Contact the Center for Faith and Work to set one up!